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High Frequency or Galvanic Add-on to Facials  $25                                               

Add one of these intensive treatments to any facial.  High Frequency is performed to fight bacteria.  Galvanic allows for better penetration of substances applied to the skin.

De Stress Eye Treatments 
Two intensive treatments to fight wrinkles, smooth crepeness, strengthen and firm the eyelids.  These treatments help the blood circulation around the eyes, helping to alleviate dark circles, stress and fatigue.  Add to any facial.

Collagen for Eye Wrinkles                  $20
Ginkgo Biloba for Eye Puffiness         $20
Combine for Outstanding Results       $35

Decolletage Facial            $20
Extend the benefits of your facial to include the delicate skin of the upper chest

 Brow Tints
Brow pencils can be a thing of the past with safe, temporary brow tints.  Enjoy this service with a facial, or all by itself.

Brow Tint  $15                                                                                                  

Brow Wax & Tint  $28                                                                                           

Prices and service specifics subject to change without notice.